Lease or Finance

Decide which option is best for you

Leasing & Financing: Your needs first.

Our financial services team is dedicated to making your purchase process as straightforward as possible. We have a variety of options available and will discuss each one in detail until we find the solution that best suits your needs and budget. Our ultimate goal is to put you behind the wheel of your dream Audi.

Audi ownership

Nothing compares to ownership. Once you’ve decided that purchasing is the right financial decision for you, we’ll help familiarize you with all that financing has to offer and specifically customize a plan that works best for you.

Contract options

Audi Financial Services offers a number of contract options when purchasing your vehicle. With options ranging from 0 to 60-month terms, we will help you design a contract specially for you.

Leasing options

Our team has a solution for every financial situation. Depending on your needs, leasing may be an attractive alternative to purchasing your dream Audi. Our lease options are guaranteed to be flexible, convenient and customizable and are centered around connecting you with the perfect vehicle with a payment plan that makes sense for you.

Audi Loyalty Program

As an Audi owner, you may be eligible for exclusive offers when you lease or finance your next Audi through Audi Finance.

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