Audi x Holoride

Audi x Holoride - the first manufacturer to transform the automobile into an experience platform for virtual reality.

Summer 2022 will bring innovative enhancements to the backseat of Audi vehicles, transforming the automobile into an experience platform for virtual reality. Any Audi vehicle with the MIB 3 infotainment system will become holoride-capable beginning this June. What does this mean? Any backseat passengers can put on their virtual reality glasses and become immersed in various media formats. From playing games, to watching films, the typical point A to B down time will soon become an exhilarating interactive experience. All you will need is the right infotainment system and a virtual reality headset specially enabled for the Audi x holoride experience. 

The main attraction of this new technology is that the virtual content will adapt to the driving moments of the car in real time. Holoride, a Munich based start-up, has produced this brand new media category called "Elastic Content" - referring to content that adapts to the driving moments in real time. For example, if the car is taking a right turn, the vehicle (say a spaceship) you are driving in the imaginary world will also fly to the right. If the Audi accelerates, the spaceship will speed up too.


Looking forward to the future, autonomous driving will make even more forms of entertainment possible. This innovative technology will then create opportunities to learn and work while on the road to your next destination. With autonomous travel, drivers will no longer have to concentrate on driving and will be able to focus on work, reading, watching films, or gaming. For those who typically experience motion sickness while reading in a car, the holoride virtual reality tends to reduce this common phenomenon. The Audi interior will become a work space, play space and mobility tool for the future.